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How a Realtor Generated 10 Leads in a Single Day Using One Technique on Social Media

Every business owner understands that generating leads is the heart of a business. No traffic in means no money produced. Of course, no money produced means that you likely won’t be in business very long.

For those of you unfamiliar with the real estate industry, it’s a strange industry. Leads are extremely difficult to generate for a variety of reasons but partially due to the high-cost of the product.

Also, depending on where you’re located, your office’s physical location likely isn’t drawing in a ton of foot traffic. People also don’t typically call offices frantically to buy or sell homes.

A lot of leads are generated by creative, sometimes time consuming, and often costly means:

- Cold calling

- Door knocking

- Flyers

- Direct Mail campaigns

- Paid leads

The list goes on.

As is the case with many businesses, many Real Estate agents are left scratching their heads at the end of the day, trying to chase technique after technique in order to bring in leads, generate revenue, and ultimately stay profitable.

However, in this article I want to let you in on a strategy that a Realtor in Leesburg, VA used to generate 10 leads in a single day with almost no effort and virtually no time and money on his part.

And he did it from a single video on his Instagram page, which at the time only had about 700 followers.

Now, before I dive into the exact strategy used and the simple formula you can use in your business, I first want to alert you to something extremely important:

Social Media is not simply a tool for the vain.

It’s important to have a Social Media marketing strategy that can bring you direct results and understand that social media isn’t simply a tool to post butt-selfies (or belfies as many refer to them), avocado-toast, or your cats.

Many businesses have campaigns that utilize a single Social Media platform that generates thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars (depending on the size of the company).

If you don’t believe me, look no further than Kylie Jenner, who reportedly brought in around $300 million in revenue in 2018. Many indicate that her business Kylie Cosmetics's marketing strategy heavily utilizes advertising almost exclusively from Kylie’s personal Instagram page.

Of course, while most businesses don’t have the exact reach and popularity of the Jenners and Kardashians, there’s still something to be said for the potency of the platform, which can also be seen with general influencer marketing.

How does this affect you?

Far too many businesses post on their social media haphazardly and sporadically. They don’t take time to consider a proper CTA, they aren’t considering their target audience, and they don’t provide nearly enough value on the front end to build a direct relationship with their consumer.

Basically, if you’re not using your Social Media channel to bring in additional revenue for your business, you’re likely leaving a ton of money on the table.

I won’t get into the true power of Social Media in this article but keep this in mind: Your business should be omni-present.

Wherever there are potential eyes, your business should find a way to be in front of them in a manner that's appropriate.

This leads me to the part I’m sure you’ve been waiting for: How did a Realtor generate leads on social media and what can you do to do the same?

Let me take you back a little bit.

Back in mid-2019, I worked alongside the entrepreneur named Craig Ballantyne in one of his business mentoring programs to learn more ways to generate leads and develop myself into a better entrepreneur.

For anyone unfamiliar with Craig Ballantyne, Craig used to be a writer for Men’s Health magazine and once pioneered a fitness training concept known as Turbulence Training.

He’s since gone on to work alongside countless entrepreneurs, including Bedros Keuliian, the CEO of the popular brand FitBody Boot Camp, and publish several critically acclaimed books, including The Perfect Day Formula.

Craig proposed that even with a small following, any business can generate leads for their business with the right offer using only their Instagram page and specifically Instagram stories.

I was skeptical, yet curious. So I listened to what he proposed.

Yes, the realtor previously mentioned that generated 10 leads in a single day using Instagram was me, and here’s exactly what I did.

I had an offer, used an opt-in, delivered the product, and followed up accordingly. Below, I'll dive into all of these steps a breakdown my exact strategy.

The Offer

As mentioned in other articles published at Affinity, in order to build a relationship up front, it helps to have a small gift that delivers value to your intended consumer.

For my personal real estate business, I have a small booklet that I like to give away in my newsletters, on Instagram, and at Open Houses I hold to establish credibility, authority, and likability.

If you’re interested in seeing the book, I self-publish it on this website: Don't Buy a Home Until You Read This

The Opt-In

Here’s where the direct strategy that you can use comes into play.

How did I generate the lead with my offer? I did a video on my Instagram story and said something along the lines of:

“Buying a house as a first-time home buyer can be difficult and frustrating. There are so many pitfalls that you could fall into, which can cost you the house of your dreams.

For that reason, I wrote this small booklet, it’s called: Don’t Buy a Home Until You Read This, which walks you through what I believe are the most common problems a first-time homebuyer will face as well as solutions that will keep you from missing out on your dream home.

I usually sell this book for $14.95 but if you DM me the word ‘House’, I’ll personally send you a copy absolutely free.

I’ll even cover shipping & handling.

If you want a free copy of my book Don’t Buy a Home Until You Read This, DM me the word ‘House’ and I’ll get that to you”.

That’s it!

Not long after I made this very short story on my Instagram page (which was less than 2 minutes by the way) several people that were interested in buying a house opted in and gave me their address and email for me to send them a copy of the book.

Delivery and Follow Up

Now, with Real Estate, most people don’t have the cash lying around to simply buy a house and Real Estate is what I’d consider a high-ticket item so the cadence and strategy of following up is very different from many industries.

With that being said, this technique has been used across multiple industries from selling gym memberships to coaching and works extremely effectively.


Because it specifically targets someone that’s interested in what you’re selling.

As I mentioned earlier, Real estate is an odd industry. It’s very expensive, very competitive, and very common and yet it’s not a product or service that can be delivered upon immediately.

However, people will still opt-in when they’re interested and ready.

Remember, your strategy on Social Media is to get in front of your prospective client or customer for as long as possible until they're ready to buy from you.

Social Media is typically a low-cost method of getting in front a lot of people easily.

I hope this article helped you see the power of your Social Media platform and gave you a tangible technique you can implement into your business.

If you need help creating a powerful offer and campaign for your business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us You can also email me directly at

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