The Customer Journey Part 1

In this series of short posts, we’ll cover the customer journey and the process of intentionally moving a prospect through each stage.

In part 1 we’ll discuss an overview of the journey and its first stage, Awareness.

Let’s start with what the customer journey is - it’s the process that each prospect of yours will go through to become a paying customer.

The stages are:

Awareness -> Engage -> Subscribe -> Convert -> Excite -> Ascend -> Promote

You want your digital marketing strategy to be centered around moving customers through each of the stages. Campaigns should be targeted and designed to move customers from one specific stage to the next.

Ideally, it will feed into business development and their final destination will put them in the position of promoting your business.

Hello Revenue.

If someone doesn’t know what your business is, or what product or service it provides, they certainly can’t be a paying customer for it.

So stage 1 of the customer journey is Awareness - making the customer aware of your business.

Some potential scenarios -

  • A young woman sees an Instagram story of a friend touting a cosmetics brand.

  • An event organizer does a Google search for a new caterer.

  • A parent notices an ad on Facebook for a new Montessori school in the area.

In each of these scenarios, a prospect has started the customer journey by becoming aware of a new business.

Stay tuned for part 2 and more.

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